An Untitled Ball Creation by Judith Scott The Bride or The Bride Says No by Nancy Shaver Long Untitled Object by Judith Scott Untitled by Rosie Lee Tompkins
Surrounded by Cherubim Untitled (Dreamer) by Palmer Hayden 10th Cavalry Trooper by Palmer Hayden Before Entering the Ring by Camille Bombois
Self-Portrait by John Kane John Brown Legend by William H. Johnson Swing Low Sweet Chariot by William H. Johnson Adelard the Drowned Master of the Phantom by Marsden Hartley
Girl With Pigeons by Morris Hirshfield Tiger by Morris Hirshfield Untitled (God Bless the Owl) by Jesse Howard Untitled (000.000 Nothing) by Jesse Howard
Giant Byrd by Gladys Nilsson Loving Couple by Gladys Nilsson Kisses and Pinches Big Faces
Untitled (Windmill With Rooster) by David Butler Side View of the Windmill With Rooster Captive Image Number 1 by John Outterbridge Heads and Shoulders
Ringed Captive Image Number 4 by John Outterbridge Number Twelve 1981
Canjo by William T. Wiley Cans of the Canjo No World by Kara Walker Untitled (Ballerina) by Morton Bartlett
Ballerina Detail Jackie O by Greer Lankton Twins by Greer Lankton Twins Side View
Blocks Strips Strings and Half-Squares by Mary-Lee Bendolph