Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial

Eleanor Roosevelt in Bronzed Steadfastness  Eleanor Roosevelt in Bronzed Steadfastness Rings and Resolute Fist  Rings and Resolute Fist A Boy and His Dog  A Boy and His Dog FDR Sitting  FDR Sitting
Fala the Dog  Fala the Dog Hands and Cloak  Hands and Cloak Columns  Columns Square Hands  Square Hands
Faces  Faces Eagle of 1933  Eagle of 1933NEW Round Glasses and Fetching Hat  Round Glasses and Fetching HatNEW Specialty Wheelchair  Specialty WheelchairNEW
Fear Itself  Fear ItselfNEW Listening to a Fireside Chat  Listening to a Fireside ChatNEW Waiting in Line  Waiting in LineNEW Guard the Civil Rights  Guard the Civil RightsNEW
I Have Seen War  I Have Seen WarNEW Fast Flowing  Fast FlowingNEW Splashdown  SplashdownNEW Age Worn  Age WornNEW
Bronze Touch  Bronze TouchNEW Fala at a Different Angle  Fala at a Different AngleNEW Stately Eleanor  Stately EleanorNEW Her Shoes  Her ShoesNEW
Wise Face  Wise FaceNEW